House Candidates Face Off in Debate For ND’s Lone Congress Seat

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No matter what, come November North Dakota will have a new Congressman. Tonight Democratic candidate Mac Schneider and Republican Kelly Armstrong faced off in a debate. We are putting the issues that matter to you first, by showing where the candidates for North Dakota’s lone congress seat stand.

Our Malique Rankin sat in on the debate to tell us what topics created the biggest divide between the two.

KX News Reporter Malique Rankin spoke with both candidates immediately after the debate. It didn’t take more than a few minutes for the conversation to get heated.

The first disagreement was over tariffs put in place by the Trump administration. Schneider says these tariffs will cause long and short term consequences in our agriculture industry. Armstrong says North Dakota needs fair and free trade, and should be taking advantage of the opportunity to renegotiate trade with China.

Kelly Armstrong: “We need to insure that North Dakotans aren’t used as pawns in a long term trade war. We are a commodity-based economy, and tariffs do not solve our problems long term.”
Mac Schneider: “That’s a threat to production and agriculture in North Dakota. It’s a threat to family farmers and keeping them on the land.”

Later in the debate, the conversation turned towards healthcare and what needs to happen for it to be affordable and accessible to North Dakotans.
Armstrong says the federal government needs to take a step back.
While Schneider says those with pre-existing conditions should always be covered.

Mac Schneider: “Around 300,000 North Dakotans, maybe more, have pre-existing conditions. They shouldn’t be subject to discrimination when they’re looking for healthcare policy. Litigating and suing over this issue, that’s the wrong way to go about healthcare.”
Kelly Armstrong: ” I think we need to bring it back to the state.We need to bring the decision to North Dakota. Our insurance commissioner, our governor, have a much better handle on what our medical challenges are than federal government.”

During the debate, Armstrong and Schneider also spoke on Russian interference, the Mueller investigation, views on impeaching President Donald Trump, abortion, and building a wall.

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