House Fire Is A Total Loss

Two days ago Jessica Parizek lost everything.

Her house, boat, truck, and even her dog were suddenly taken away during a fire.

Jessica Parizek loved living here – she had her two dogs, family close by, and the lake in her backyard.

But on Tuesday she woke up from a bad dream and heard a loud explosion.

After that, her life changed.

“I got up screaming and looked down the hallway and my whole kitchen was on fire,” said Jessica Parizek.

When she realized her home was on fire she got outside and ran over to her sister’s house which was right next door.

She had 2 dogs; Remi and Buddy. 8 years ago she rescued Buddy after finding him in a ditch with tape wrapped around his neck and the pads of his feet completely ripped off.

She knew Buddy was a fighter and he made it out of the fire but her other dog, Remi was no where to be seen.

That’s why Jessica and Buddy both went back in the burning house multiple times.

“On the third time I collapsed because the smoke was so bad and as I lay there kind of incoherent, I woke up to Buddy licking me and nudging me towards the door,” said Parizek.

She says that if it wasn’t for Buddy she wouldn’t be alive.

“You’re my hero Buddy,” said Parizek.

“Every fire Marshall, anybody that’s ever been here says I shouldn’t of came out alive,” said Parizek.

She escaped the fire with Buddy and a small burn on her finger. Now she’s starting from scratch but she isn’t doing it alone.

“It’s overwhelming to see what people are willing to do for me,” said Parizek.

There are fishing tournaments, benefits, and even a bank account set up for Jessica to help her get back on her feet.

“They are going above and beyond to try to help me,” said Parizek.

Jessica still considers this place her home and that’s why she will rebuild here with Buddy.

“I’m going to bury Remi out in our yard and know that this is our home,” said Parizek.

There is a benefit bank account for Jessica at Prairie Federal Credit Union in Minot.


May 19th (Saturday): Pheasants For the Future Fish Tournament – 5% of income goes to Jessica.

May 19th (Saturday): Outfitters Tackle of Minot, ND – 10% of Saturday sales go to Jessica’s Benefit Fund.

June 10th (Saturday): Van Hook Classic Fishing Tournament – Free will donation dinner.

Facebook Online Auction: Type in the search bar “Online Auction to support Jessica Parizek”

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