How a new ordinance will change city hunting


Some people are concerned about the necessity and safety behind a new city-hunting ordinance.

But city officials say it was made to actually make it more safe.

Here’s how the Wildlife Management Program will work:

When the next deer-hunting season approaches, the City of Minot will issue 20 archery permits to manage the population within city limits.

City hunting was already legal, but these herd reduction tags will specify when and where it’s safest to hunt.

City alderman, Josh Wolsky said, “Minot has a lot of little nooks and crannies that this activity may be suited for but it may not. So there is going to be some judgment and discretion in the process.”
That discretion will be left to the Chief of Police.

Those who seek out the deer management permit will have to pass a proficiency test, among other things.

KX News asked people on Facebook what they think about the ordinance – and a lot of people said they’re against it.

Some said that’s because they’re worried about hunters on their property, but landowners are actually the ones in control.

For example, if a hunter seeks out this property, they can’t just come here and hunt. They’d first have to get written permission from the property owner, and then get it approved by the police chief.

“The Chief of Police, his primary concern is always public safety,” Wolsky said. “So I think he’s a very appropriate gate keeper and official to provide discretion for this activity.”

One hunter said he’ll take the opportunity to apply for a permit, and that he believes it’s a safe and necessary ordinance.

 “I think as long as you have a bow hunter who’s capable of making the shot, who’s capable of making an ethical shot, who’s capable of checking his background, I think it’s going to be fine,” Jeff Jacob said.

But another said he’s not so sure if it’s all that practical.

Gary Schneider said, “Especially in bow hunting, the animal doesn’t go down right away. What happens when the animal is wounded and runs through town bleeding?” 

Since city hunting has been legal, Wolsky said the ordinance was made to enhance the safety behind it.

The herd reduction hunting season would be aligned with existing deer season with the potential to stretch a few weeks longer and it would only allow for 40 antler-less deer to be collected within the one season.

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