How can Cutting out Sugar Change Your Body?


It probably won’t come as a surprise when we tell you that white sugar simply isn’t good for your health.

But you may not realize how many foods you’re eating that are packed with it-
Or how much better you may feel and look if you cut it out.

Emily Medalen found out why so many people in the U.S. right now are ditching sugar. 

We hear about trendy diets all the time.
Some of the big ones that have seemed to yield overwhelming results are those like Whole30, Paleo, the caveman diet and more.
What do all these have in common?
No sugar.
Here’s why.
“We’re eating a lot more added sugar than we even realize,” says Teresa Vetter, Dietitian, Sanford Health.

Added sugar is any sweetener that doesn’t occur naturally, the way it does in fruit.
And it’s in almost every packaged food we buy.

“It’s in everything. It’s crazy,” says Jill Glover Roberts, Minot.

According to dietitians, excess sugar is a leading cause of obesity in the country.

“It’s something that’s not giving us any nutrients, it’s just an additive. So that’s where the weight gain tends to come from,” says Vetter.

Glover Roberts and her husband recently cut added sugar from their diets.
She says she’s never felt better – it just takes a little lifestyle change.

“Retrain the way that you’re thinking, and retrain your tastebuds too,” says Glover Roberts.
“The frustrating thing is, when we look at the back of the nutrition label, sometimes we can’t decipher what’s naturally occurring and what’s added,” says Vetter.

It’s tricky – especially because those added sugars are usually grouped together – like this.
Something like this granola bar may look healthy, but it actually has 17 grams of sugar.
Vetter gave me a rule to keep in mind as you shop – don’t just look at the calories, read the ingredients.

“If it has a word ending in ‘os’ like maltose, sucrose, or something like that, it’s an added sugar,” says Vetter.
“Dextrose is used in things that you would never know have sugar in them – it’s just a filler,” says Glover Roberts.

The American Heart Association set guidelines to show you how much is too much.
Men shouldn’t exceed 36 grams of sugar a day – for women, it’s 25.
The women I spoke to said staying WELL below that number every day will show lasting benefits.

“I think it’s a good basis for everyone to start with,” says Glover Roberts.

I have to tell you guys – it was hard to make this story as short as it was.
There was so much science behind this no sugar concept – and both women I spoke to said they’ve seen it produce incredible results.

Earlier, we mentioned that it’s important to watch sugar intake – not only for weight loss, but to protect yourself from things like heart disease and diabetes.

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