Since 1906 Dickinson has been called the “Queen City”, but nobody seems to know why.

It is an unusual nickname for a Western North Dakota town, but sometimes when you have question on something the place to go is the local barber shop.

Brian Braun of the Queen City Barber Shop said, “Every old timer we ask  . . . they don’t have an answer. All we ever heard is nobody knows”.

The local barber shop in Dickinson has been using the nickname since 1930, and Braun said he is curious to know how Dickinson came to be known as the “Queen City”.

Another place to look for the answer is an institution of higher education like Dickinson State University.

DSU student, Carlie Bowditch, said “I’m going to take a stab at it and say its because of the queen bee’s. North Dakota is one of the highest honey producers in the United States”.

Her answer was an interesting one, but it was just a guess.

DSU president, Dr. Thomas Mitzel said that he didn’t know, and he couldn’t “find the answer anywhere” after looking on the internet.

Senator Rich Wardner of the ND State Legislature, said he had an idea on how the city received the name from his time working with the chamber of commerce in Dickinson.

“In the late 1800’s when people came out here from the East it was the ‘Queen of the Prairies’. That is what they called it. The name caught on and later became the ‘Queen City’.

Senator Wardner said his level of confidence in the theory is about “50 -percent”.

However, Dickinson City Administrator, Shawn Kessel, was 100 -percent certain he had the answer.

“When Fargo was the largest City, the ‘King City’ in North Dakota , Dickinson on the Western edge was the largest city. By virtue of being the second most populated city . . . we became the ‘Queen City’ “.

According to Kessel, that is how Dickinson received its nickname.

There are also about six businesses in Dickinson that use “Queen City” as part of their name.