BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The Christmas season is one that is ripe with festivities, family time, and tales of good cheer — but it is also one that comes at a heavy cost. Information from the National Retail Foundation notes that the average American is expected to spend a total of $875 on Christmas gifts, food, and decorations. However, there’s a way for smokers to save a little extra money while at the same time looking out for their personal health: quitting.

The typical smoker spends about $6.11 on cigarettes each day, and an average grand total of $43 every week — meaning that quitting can be an excellent way at helping to recuperate up to 40% of the average cost of Christmas (and any other aspect of America’s rising cost of living) that may need to be attended to.

In order to determine just how costly the practice can be, vape manufacturer Youcan Vaporizer sought out the average prices and smoking habits of Americans in the hopes of showcasing the gains to be had from kicking the habit. During the survey, data was gathered from Numbeo and the National Retail Federation to determine just how much one can save per week before the holidays.

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At the time of writing this article, quitting smoking today would result in seven to eight weeks of savings — which, according to the study, is guaranteed to add over $200 to your winter budget. Here in North Dakota, it’s expected that quitting at this moment would result in savings of $144 a month, and a total of $289 before the holiday hits. These savings, it is noted, may be even higher for those who smoke more — with smokers who indulge in 20-packs daily being able to save a national average of $550 if they stop now. It’s also worth noting, however, that this number is on the lower side of the national average that one could save by kicking the habit. North Dakota’s average savings per month — and likewise, the amount that they could save until Christmas — are some of the lowest in the nation.

RankStateMonthly SavingsSavings as Percent of SalarySavings Before Christmas
41North Carolina$1543.8$309
45New Jersey$1763.5$353
47North Dakota$1433.4$287
48New Hampshire$1443.2$289

Just because these numbers tend to be on the lower side, however, does not mean that quitting is pointless. Even without taking into account the savings, the health benefits of quitting smoking alone are certainly worth the effort — and the money you can save over the entirety of the following year will be more than enough to cover your holiday haul.

“Incentivizing people to quit smoking can make or break the goal for many,” explains Youcan spokesperson Louis Lou, “especially those who aren’t motivated enough by improving their individual health and reducing healthcare costs. Therefore, comparing a quit date to the potential financial rewards can help you frame your goal in a more positive light – and help you stick to it. Creating a support system that can keep you accountable for your efforts can also prove helpful – perhaps you can set a challenge between you and your peers to see who can save the most by cutting down or quitting smoking. And while different people respond to different motivations, considering various strategies like this may make or break your success.”

In order to learn more tips about how to quit the use of tobacco, and to receive coaching, quit plans, and referrals to local resources, visit the North Dakota Quits website, the Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Department or the Center for Disease Control’s webpage on the topic using this link, or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW.