The airport industry, like every industry, is experiencing a labor shortage, especially among pilots.

This leads to flight delays or cancellations and frustrations for passengers.

The shortage of pilots is not a new problem for the industry.

Between the pandemic and pilots reaching mandatory retirement age.

The shortage has been growing for years.

The state of North Dakota has been working to help address the shortage through education.

“North Dakota is a premier training ground for pilots all around the world. Whether that’s the University of North Dakota or over the last decade we’ve done a really good job of working to get aviation curriculum into our high schools, so we have about a dozen high school programs all around the state that offer aviation one, aviation two,” says Executive Director for ND Aeronautics commission, Kyle Wanner.

It is not only pilots that are in short supply in the aviation industry, there’s also a need for aviation.

mechanics as well as for people to operate the unmanned aircraft that are being used more extensively.