How this Small Sign is Helping Customers Stay Safe at the Bar

A trip downtown can be a way to celebrate or just relax from a long week. 
Kate Gerwin has spent years of her career helping people do that. 
“We want people to feel like they’ve stepped into a new world. They’re not in Bismarck anymore,” says Kate Gerwin, General Manager of the Luft, Humpback Sally’s, and 510.2.
The cocktails and taps Gerwin has such a passion for, add to that experience.
However in the midst of enjoying alcohol, there is also abuse of it. 
“Sometimes you don’t have your wing man or woman to be like hey help me out here,” says Gerwin.
Fun and trouble can run a thin line in this business and Gerwin said she wants her customers to be comfortable at all times.
What better way to send a message, than to give a sign.
A small sign in the women’s bathroom.
It’s appropriately themed to the hit TV show Friends and it’s catchy theme song “I’ll Be There for You”.
The idea originated from Bartenders Against Sexual Assault. 
“It’s a group of bartenders from across the country and the world that have recognized some pitfalls of the industry. Unfortunately sexual assault starts with alcohol,” says Gerwin.
The sign urges anyone who might be feeling uncomfortable to come to the bar and ask for Rachel. 
“So I thought about how can we make this not so awkward? Well everyone knows Rachel from friends… So we just have people ask for Rachel and we’ll say oh yeah she’s here come on downstairs,”  says Gerwin.
Gerwin says as the keepers of the alcohol, they have a responsibility to keeping their customers safe while enjoying it. 
Luckily no one has asked for Rachel in the short time the sign has been up. 
“It’s not like we are saying, one we are going to be watching everybody, but if you need an out, we are going to be here for you,” says Gerwin.
Now they’re looking for more subtle ways to keep more than just women safe, but men and the LGBTQ community as well.
Gerwin says since she hung up the sign, hired a woman named Rachel. 
So she goes by Lucy now. It’s her middle name. 

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