How to access your ‘not so personal’ Facebook file


WSPA: Facebook has lost $73 billion in value since earlier this month and is besieged by investigations, lawsuits, and hearings in both the US and UK

And bad news for you, too, all of that Facebook data on you is now exposed.

But have you taken the time to look at your file?

We asked Elishon Dessuaso to do just that, and he was shocked to see 8 years of data since the day he created his account.   

“It shows everything you ever liked, ever followed,” he said, in awe.

He’s only now realizing Facebook knows more about him than all of his friends combined.   

“It has all my friends phone numbers on there.  Every single one,” he said.  

That’s because Dessuaso, like so many, allowed Facebook to access his contacts, not knowing those numbers would be accessible to other companies like Cambridge-Analytica.

“That’s not OK, I need to do better than that.”


Downloading the file is easy.  Just go to general account “settings” and look for the link at the bottom of the page that reads “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”

You will need to type your password again to begin the download.

Even IT expert Kevin Hodges was floored by his private Facebook messages, that now, are anything but private.

“But I mean, no one needs to know that.  My college roommate asked me what the chicken marinate recipe is, 6 years ago, that’s creepy,”  he said.
As if you’re not disturbed enough, researchers found an algorithm is better at predicting your personality traits than a human, based on the number of likes. It takes 10 to beat a co-worker. 70 a roommate. 150 a parent. And 300 to know you better than your spouse.”

“You can prevent it from getting more detailed by setting your security settings higher, but you can’t erase what’s already there,” said Hodges.

The files include apps you never knew you accepted, advertisers who bought your data, even people didn’t accept your friend request.
“When people are saying that whatever you put online, you can never take it back, this is one of those examples, you can’t take it back unless you do something to delete this,” said Dessuaso.

The only way you can purge the site of your data including your old activity is to delete your account.  But since it may already be out there on the internet, even that is not foolproof.

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