How to Cook for those with Special Diets Over the Holidays

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Cooking for the holidays can include all kinds of dietary restrictions, from gluten free, food allergies, to low fat and sugar free diets.

So, making sure everyone can enjoy a holiday meal can be hard for the cook. 

This dietitian says there are ways to help make cooking for everyone a little easier. 

Try including gluten free options when possible, cutting sugar in recipes by a third, and swapping in some healthier options.

She says these can all be easy ways to ensure everyone can enjoy a home-cooked holiday meal.

“You know you can maybe change up the way you do your potato dish, and have a sweet potato or something with a yam instead of your typical mashed potatoes, if that’s something you think you can swap out, maybe trying that first instead of completely changing your whole meal plan,” Teresa Vetter, Sanford Registered Dietitian says.

Vetter says if you’re cooking for Christmas this year, and you’re not quite sure what to make those who have special diets, feel free to reach out and ask them what they want, or to bring a dish of their own.

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