How to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

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Many Americans will be packing up and hitting the road this holiday season.

But while you’re away, it’s important to keep your home safe from anyone who might want to break in.

Bismarck Police Department says the holidays can be a tempting time for home invasions and stealing packages off steps.

So it’s important to think ahead before you leave for the holidays.

Make sure to make your home looks lived in, set up timers on your lights and television, and don’t let your mail pile up.

And above, all BPD says having someone you trust in the area can keep your house more secure.

“Make sure they have someone in the area that knows that security system so that if anything goes off while they’re away they have someone that we can call and contact to help us with that alarm,” Pat Renz, Crime Prevention Officer Bismarck Police Department says.

Officer Renz says give a key to your home to someone you trust, so if anything does go wrong, law enforcement has the ability to get inside your house.

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