How to Read the Sky for Severe Storms

Meteorologists have a vast array of computers to look at data on…so we can to try and figure out the weather for the day.  

But you may not be near the tv or maybe you’ll be outdoors and you won’t see our forecast so I wanted to show you some things you can watch for so you can read the sky and help keep you and your family safe.

During the summer we’ll see a lot of convective clouds..the type of clouds that can storms in them. They’re the tall clouds- taller than they are wide… and not all tall clouds become storms, but when you see something like this..with these developing clouds getting taller..just keep an eye on them and if they start getting real will have a heads up and know, that just by looking and reading the sky a storm may be brewing.

You’re likely to see a storm cloud with white streaks down to the ground and most of us know that it means may also see a big storm cloud that’s kind of green on the bottom.  If you see that..that cloud likely has some big hail in it as well.

Nearly all clouds..except cirrus clouds can give you rain, but storms need big tall clouds. So there are some things you can do to get a general idea when the weather will be dangerous, but it’s our job at KX to give you as much advance notice as possible and be here with the information you need to keep you and your family safe and ahead of the storm.

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