How To Save On Energy Costs


Now that winter has arrived, many of us are using more energy whether it’s leaving on lights longer or heating our homes.

And that shows up in monthly bills.

Alexus Larson has tips on how to save money on energy this winter.

It’s easy to use more energy as the days get colder and darker but with a few helpful tips you can still use the energy you need while you’re home without breaking the bank.

“Our customers are looking for more information on how to manage their monthly bills and save energy,” said Kathy Aas, Xcel Energy Community Relations Manager.

One of Xcel Energy’s first tips is to open your blinds to take advantage of the sun’s warmth during the day. You can also run your your ceiling fans counter clockwise so the trapped warm air is forced down.

“For some people it will make a big difference,” said Aas.

During the winter months, you want to set your thermostat to anywhere between 65-70 degrees. When you aren’t home you want to drop that temperature to about 58 degrees and that you could help you save about 10% on your bill.

“Turning down the thermostat makes a big difference,” said Aas.

A few more tips include keeping your oven closed while cooking. Each time the door is opened the temperature in the oven drops 25 degrees. Lower your water heater’s temperature or insulate it. An average temperature for a water heater is 120 degrees. Drop it by 10 degrees and you can save up to 3 to 5 percent. Lastly, improve insulation of walls, floors, and heating ducts. It can save you upwards of 10 percent.

“These tips are just things that they can take control of to help make a difference on their consumption,” said Aas.

Xcel Energy says that dirty furnace filters reduce airflow.

Keep it clean and it can save you about 5 percent on costs.

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