How to tell whether a cloud is dangerous or harmless


They’re referred to as nature’s blanket and they help keep the water cycle moving…which in turn keeps life moving. They can be dangerous and they can also be harmless

Clouds can certainly make or break your day… and sometimes cool-looking clouds just may be dangerous.

We start with the highest level of clouds …. that’s the cirrus level. As you can see, there are different types of cirrus clouds. These are usually made up of ice crystals and are near the area in the sky where planes typically fly. They don’t have rain in them so they are not considered dangerous… and they’re responsible for the halos you see around the sun.

High-level clouds

This next set are mid and low-level clouds. If they have alto in front of their name, they’re mid-level. Stratus clouds are usually the ones that block out the sun and these could have sprinkles but aren’t associated with rain.

Low and mid-level clouds

Rain would come from these clouds… and you can see, they can be pretty high in the sky. Anything with “nimbus” in the name means rain. The nimbostratus clouds are ones that usually have the slow moving, soaking rain… the dangerous clouds are the cimulonimbus clouds. These are thunderstorms and they can grow tens of thousands of feet high.

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