HS FBall: Healthy Schroeder back on the field for New Salem-Almont

New Salem tight end and defensive end Brandon Schroeder got into the sixth game of last season before misfortune struck.

“I broke my ankle,” Schroeder said.

So just like that, the rest of his season was over.

“It kind of sucked to sit out but I was really proud of my teammates and how they stepped up,” Schroeder said.

His teammates did step up in a big way, as New Salem made it all the way to the state championship.

“It meant a lot that they kept pushing and didn’t give up,” Schroeder said.

The team lost that championship to Thompson, but Schroeder says the game can be a learning tool to help the team get back to that spot.

“We’ve learned a lot throughout the postseason, and we have a lot of confidence and upper hand on other teams that they don’t get to make it that far,” Schroeder said. “Our goal is definitely to get back to a state championship. Everyone’s goal should be that, but I think we can do it again.”

While the team is getting Schroeder back this year, they are losing some big pieces that will need to be filled by fresh faces.

“They’re all going to be really young kids, and they’re just going to have to work hard,” Schroeder said. “They’re going to have to grow up fast coming into varsity football.”

And a healthy Schroeder will be there to help.

New Salem opens up its regular season Aug. 18 against Kidder County

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