HS FBall: QB Battle still to close to call

We are four days away from Shiloh Christian’s first game. And after a good fall camp, they still don’t know who will be their quarterback. But they’ve got two good ones to choose from.

“Those two are still battling it out,” Head Coach Funnon Barker said. “I imagine by tomorrow or the next day will know for sure headed into our official game week.

Sophomore Jaden Mitzel and senior Aiden Lambrecht have competed all fall camp to be named the starting quarterback.

And Coach Funnon Barker only sees positives in both. 

In Jaden, Barker sees, “a big strong kid. He’s got great arm strength. He’s a big kid that came help us in the run game as well as the passing game.”

In Aiden, Barker sees, “he throws the ball around really well. He knows the offense extremely well. He does a nice job reading the defense and getting the ball where it needs to go.”

With some many strengths in both players, could they split time?

“No,” Barker said. “It doesn’t really work well for our offense.”

With a two-year difference between Jaden and Aiden, will that play a role in Coach’s decision?

“We’re going to play the player we think gives our team best chance to succeed and win games,” Barker said.

Coach Barker said there is no rivalry, there are just competing and are friends.

“They’ve been pushing each other,” Barker said. “They’ve been encouraging each other. I think whoever doesn’t get it understands that you are only one play away.”

The defending region champs open the season against MLS at home on Aug. 22.

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