HS Soccer: Heintzman, Persico take over St. Mary’s boys’ program

Elizabeth Heintzman and Tom Persico will serve as co-coaches this year for the St. Mary’s boys soccer team.

The former head coach Jack West has to leave the country because of an issue with his student visa, according to Heintzman and Persico.

Heintzman is humbled to have this opportunity, but she admits she didn’t know how the boys would receive coaching from a woman.

“They responded really well,” Heintzman said. “I thought the first true test was the first practice that I ran. Tom was gracious enough to let me run the practice be myself. Once I ran it, I got a lot good comments from them.”

On Aug. 19, the Saints play their first game of the season against Red River in Jamestown.

This story was first reported by KX Sports.

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