Hubble Telescope Exhibit is Brought to North Dakota


It is a one of a kind and it is right here in North Dakota.
It’s the latest exhibit at the Heritage Center. 
It’s a new exhibit and it is all about: What is the Hubble Telescope?

Donna Frohlich, Bismarck Resident, says, “I was just amazed that we had something new, that wasn’t here when I left… and I love the stars and the moon.”

The Hubble Telescope first started in 1990 and to this day it continues to collect images.

Genia Hesser, Curator of Exhibits, says, “It’s job is to look out in the universe.”

It does this by looking at mirrors.

“It takes in light which is reflected off a couple of different mirrors and then is analyzed by different scientific equipment,” says Hesser. 

The Hubble is 15 times larger than this display.

Stephen Kirby, Museum Visitor, says, “It’s very cool! I very much like the photographs, they are very sharp and clear.”

There’s a reason for that…since the Hubble is in space it doesn’t have Earth’s atmosphere to go through and the images are much clearer than on a telescope on Earth. 

Hesser says, “It’s continually bringing back discoveries, its pretty amazing just how far it reaches.”

As it travels 370 miles above, it takes about 97 minutes to make one orbit around, but after 27 years, how does it keep going?

“The solar cells is how the Hubble gets all of its energy. I think it ia on it’s 4th iteration so it gets a little bit smaller and a little bit more powerful,” Hesser says.

Kirby says the best part of the exhibit is seeing what the Hubble sees in the exhibit because it’s almost like looking back in time.

Kirby adds, “You actually look up into the stars and seeing what Hubble is seeing.”

Another telescope will soon replace the Hubble as the James Webb telescope will be launched in 2018. It is bigger and collects more information. 
Despite that, the Hubble won’t return to Earth, it still has work to do in space.  

The exhibit will be here until June.

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