1 in 8 clinics in the country is now inserting ear tubes into children’s ears in the office place. The device is called the Hummingbird.

It inserts ear tubes with less trauma, time and without general anesthesia. Prairie Sea, Sinus Ear Allergy Clinic is one of them. 

The Hummingbird is already approved by the FDA for use in the hospital now it’s being evaluated in the office place, as an investigational research study. 

Surgeon, Jay Raisen says this procedure and device is innovative and benefits the child.

“It is very convenient for parents, it is much lower costs which is one of the reasons to do this and there is a much lower risk of trauma to children. The risk of a general anesthetic is not high but there is a risk of approximately just under nine percent of complications from having ear tubes,” said Raisen.

Prairie Sea started using it in February and has used it on five kids so far. This is the only clinic in central and western North Dakota doing this.