Hundreds of Air Force Volunteer At The Hostfest

It takes a lot of people to make the Hostfest run smoothly.

Volunteers from the Minot Air Force Base step up every year and help out in many areas of the festival.

The Minot Air Force Base has about 200 volunteers a day that work at the Hostfest.

I met a couple of volunteers that consider themselves vets by now at the Hostfest and they gave me an inside look into the job.

“Good morning. How are you,” asked Matthew Pryor, Volunteer.

Our northern neighbors at the Minot Air Force Base greet pretty much every guest who comes to the HΓΈstfest.

“How are you guys doing this morning,” asked Joseph Joins, Volunteer.

Members of the Air Force volunteer every year at the festival and people like Joseph and Matthew have done it multiple years in a row simply because of the experience.

“Are you going to the beach boys? I’m a little jealous. Want to switch,” asked Joins.

“I think somebody said you’re very cheeky today, very cheeky and cute so that was nice of them,” said Pryor.

Typically there are about 13 people working in the parking lots, six working bag check, and then are two volunteers are at each entrance. There’s also some jobs behind the scenes that we don’t see like the dishwashers.

“Last year, I was in the kitchen washing dishes. Won’t do that one again. This year my job is security,” said Joins.

They work in shifts that last four to six hours but Sergeant Brown says that many of the volunteers will work extra hours.

“Some people are here all day,” said Yucari Brown, Volunteer.

The volunteers say that it doesn’t feel like work because the visitors keep it exciting and entertaining.

“We like to help the community and the community is always good to us at the base so we just want to provide that service,” said Brown.

Matthew, who was working at the bag check, is a second year volunteer.

Joseph, who was scanning tickets is a sixth year volunteer.

The last day of the hostfest is tomorrow.

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