Hundreds Participate In Active Shooter Drill


BISMARCK – It took an entire year to plan—an active shooter drill that included Bismarck Public Schools, local law enforcement and even hospitals.

300 people took part—and KX News was there to see how preparation for the unthinkable is needed, in case tragedy strikes.

The media was not allowed inside the building while the drill took place—KX News Reporter Robert Suhr was outside watching while the realistic drill unfolded.

With the events of El Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio still fresh in everyone’s mind and with the start of school on the horizon, Bismarck Public School officials hope to be as prepared as they can when the unthinkable happens.

With mass shootings becoming a nearly frequent occurrence, dozens of volunteers participated in Wednesday afternoon’s active shooter drill, some even playing the role of wounded students and teachers.

The objective was simple, learn, no not about math or English but how to act and potentially save lives when bullets and screams, instead of joy and laughter, fly through the hallways of LIberty Elementary.

One of the pretend victims was Jaime Batke and she tells me no one should have to experience one of these for real

“Ohhh I just pray that we never have to deal with anything like this here cause, even though in your head you knew it was fake, your adrenaline just pumped and it just seemed way too real once you hear those gunshots go off and people screaming everywhere and it was really realistic”, said Batke.

Karla Cox was a volunteer Wednesday but serves as a substitute teacher, she tells me she learned a valuable lesson today.

“Don’t respond to your gut emotion to help, but protect who you are with do the most you can to protect and save yourself and whoever you are with”, said Cox.

Soon, students will fill the hallways eager to learn, but on this day, it was their law enforcement and educators learning a lesson they hope, they’ll never have to refer to in real life.

Wednesday’s drill was the first for the Bismarck Schools since a similar one was held five years ago at Horizon Middle School.

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