Hunt to control geese at the Souris Valley Golf Course to take place

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Geese on the Souris Valley Golf Course, so many they’ve become a problem.

The Minot Park District has tried all sorts of scare tactics hoping to get the birds to leave, so far none have worked.
Last night the city gave approval to allow hunters to take a shot at the problem.
“We worked with the city –the city had to amend their ordinance to allow the discharge of fire arms within the city limits as long it follows our nuisance animal control program– so we added the definition and all of the methods that we have to follow to actually implement a hunt within the city limits,” said Ron Meritt executive director of the Minot Park District.
The Minot Park District is working with different wildlife groups to come up with a date for the hunt to take place.
They’re hoping to get youth involved as well.

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