NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Hunting season is fast approaching and safety should be a top priority for everyone, no matter how many times you’ve been in the field before.

According to, roughly 100 people die nationwide in hunting accidents each year, and firearms safety instructors here and abroad say this number can go down if people pay attention to how they handle guns.

Without programs like Hunter’s Education, trips with your loved ones can quickly go wrong.

“We never want to have an accident, but if you have an accident and you shoot someone in your party, you’ve just probably shot somebody that’s a very dear friend or a family member,” said Spartan Firearms Range Officer and Trainer, Jonathan R. Hughes.

Hunter’s Education is used as a way to decrease these numbers and teach those, both young and old, how to properly handle a firearm.

Kids can take this course starting at 11 years old, which instructors say is very important.

“So one of the first things that we teach them is they have to control the muzzle, muzzle at all times, and keep your finger off the trigger until they are ready to shoot. Know their target and what’s beyond it because when you shoot, if that bullet doesn’t hit the target, where is it going to go,” added Hughes.

Hughes says ever since hunter education programs began, numbers have declined.

Hunters Ed requires students to take a written test and a hands-on practical with firearms.

“If they fail to do one of those, they fail the course. That’s if they have to take the class again,” said Hughes.

And one last thing, instructors want to make sure people stay involved and protected this hunting season.

For more information on hunter’s education programs or Spartan Firearms, you can visit the Spartan Firearms Website.