During the holiday season, you can usually count on stories of selfless giving, or paying it forward.

That’s why one teacher from West Fargo decided to ask for some help on social media.

After her followers donated nearly $600 to the cause, she used the money to tip a local waitress. She says she understands how tough times are.. and just wanted to provide some joy in someone’s life.

“I was a single-mom that served and went to college and and was working multiple jobs so I get it like all your regular bills are hard and then you want your kids to have — the best Christmases and ya know things like that and have everything that they need,” Holly Strand-Rysgaard said.

Courtney Podratz, the waitress in the video says she was in shock at the random act of kindness.

She is a para-professional at a school in Fargo.. and also works two waitressing jobs.

She says 2020 has been tough, but a stranger’s kindness ended it on a high note.

“Bills have been piling up so I’m definitely using it for the holidays, get my daughter something special for Christmas and then help pay off my debt that I have because it’s been it’s been alot,” Podratz said.

Rysgaard says she hopes others are inspired to pay it forward as well, you can join her efforts in a second ‘Pay-it-forward’ by clicking HERE.