Ice dancer to take her skills to the international ice

A local ice dancer is taking her skills to the international ice.

At just 13-years-old, she skates about 20 hours a week and travels more than 800 miles to practice with her partner.

Leah Neset has been taking to the ice for almost 10 years.

In January she and her partner competed at the National Championship and ended up taking second place in the International level.

Since then, they’ve been invited to the International Skating Union Ice Dance Camp in Oberstdorf, Germany, where they will represent the United States next month.

At just four years old, Leah Neset laced up for skating lessons and has been working hard ever since.

You have a lot of stuff to think about at one time, she said. Making sure my legs straight, toes pointed, getting the correct edges, interpreting the music, keeping my shoulders down, head up, stuff like that.

Plus, partner coordination.
Leah and her ice dance partner Dimitry have been competitively skating together for seven months.

If the body proportions don’t match up quite right, it just doesn’t look as good. And of course, it’s important that you get along. And I do with my partner.”

Her partner, Dimitry Tsarevski, said, “She’s really positive, I’m thankful for that. She always makes me smile. She laughs a lot.”

The two practice enough times a week that it could be their part-time jobs.

“They’re very talented and they work really hard, so they’re capable of doing a lot, I think,” Leah’s mom, Cheri, said.

Not to mention the fact that Leah travels from Minot to Colorado, where Dimitry lives, every month so that the two can get ice time at the Broadmoor World Arena.

Although it’s hours of hard work, Leah is fulfilling what any 13-year-old wants to do, she’s just having fun with the footwork.

“When you’re performing,” she said, “you just get to have fun with it because you’ve prepared for it.”

Leah and Dimitry will be performing this weekend at the Magic City Figure Skating Club’s annual ice show at the Maysa Arena.
Shows will be held Saturday, March 23 at 7 pm at the Pepsi Rink in Maysa Arena and Sunday at 2 pm.

The pair have a lot ahead of them after that.
They will be in Germany from April 28 through May 7. After that, Leah and Dimitry will be on the road competing in Colorado, Texas, and California.

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