Ice fishing season kicks off

Ice fishing has kicked off on many lakes across the state.

Game and Fish recommends 12 to 15 inches of good ice before any permanent structures get on the ice.

We checked in on conditions at Lake Darling, ice thickness there is anywhere from 9 inches thick to 12 inches.

Wildlife officers says this season has started off a little slow compared to last year.

They say there was at least 40 vehicles this past weekend catching fish on lake.

But there are some safety precautions you should consider before getting on the ice.

“The ideal situation is to travel in groups– two or more just so you can look out for each other –take into account that the ice conditions are going to be different everywhere you go along the ice –you can have 6 inches and three feet away is can be four inches or less,” said Senior Wildlife Officer for the Souris River Basin Complex.

He recommends you carry ice picks with you at all times, hand warmers, and a spare change of clothes in case you do fall in.

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