If you can’t go to science, have science come to you


Gateway to Science is now on the go to a city near you.

North Dakota’s hands-on science learning center, based on Bismarck, is traveling across the state in a mobile van.

It’s the first ever science road trip, packed with STEM activities for kids that may not have STEM available to them. 

STEM stands for “science, technology, engineering and math,” four key fields educators are integrating into a focused learning strategy to develop tomorrow’s innovative leaders.

The arrival of the science van at a school or community center typically coincides with pre-planned events, programs, and festivals. 

Gateway to Science Executive Director Beth Demke says the van is a great way to encourage more people in the STEM fields. 

“We are trying to make sure that STEM is accessible to everyone across the state,” Demke says. “It is very important to make connections between those topics and career opportunities, but really our view is to make it fun and exciting,” said Demke.

The van was purchased in January and since then, it has already traveled to 30 locations. 

There is a fee to schedule the van to come to your town.

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