If you don’t enroll by deadline, your child might not get a desk


School starts in less than a week, and the new year has parents, kids, and teachers preparing for the start of classes.

So, what happens if you move to a school district where your child’s classroom is full? Up until the start of the school year, you have the right to access your neighborhood school, meaning there will be a seat for your child. But, if you enroll after the start of the school year, you may not always be guaranteed a desk. The Bismarck Public Schools superintendent explains.

Tamara Uselman; Bismarck Public Schools Superintendent: “Once school starts, and if any classroom is capped out, we then reserve the right to place a student in a classroom that has an opening. We do that for the rest of the school year. And then the following year, that child can return to his or her neighborhood school.”

Uselman says this is happening more frequently and there’s already several classrooms that are at capacity now.

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