GLEN ULLIN, ND (KXNET) — Our latest report from the Summit Carbon Solutions Project went over the logistics. Now, KX News spoke with a non-opposed landowner for tonight’s report.

Glen Ullin landowner, Keith Kessler, says his family has owned this land for over 100 years. He raises cattle and maintains small grains.

Although his family has deep history and revenue built into his land, Kessler says he does not mind the proposed Summit Carbon Solutions Project that plans to build the pipeline under his land.

“Summit Carbon Solutions, I believe, they sent a letter out. They contacted us. They sent some representatives over, local people, friendly faces. Some are in agriculture, just like we are, and they came over and sat down at our kitchen table, and we had a conversation. I was kind of surprised,” Kessler tells us.

Kessler says Summit plans to cover all costs, and in our interview with Executive VP Wade Boeshans, he said the same.

“So, Summit Carbon Solutions has provided a full indemnification from the construction and operations of the line, and we have that responsibility for the CO2. Any maintenance and operations on the line throughout the life of the project and until the pipeline is built, before, during, and after. We have fully indemnified the landowners from our operation and maintenance of the line that would include any form of liability,” Boeshans says.

Kessler tells us this project is important to our state. He says it will bring more than 2,000 jobs.

“Well, I think it’s important for agriculture and industry, because they both go hand-in-hand. Everybody eats. Everybody turns on the light switch. Everybody uses power, and we have to sustain agriculture and energy in North Dakota and in the United States in general,” Kessler expressed.

Not only will Kessler’s land have the pipe underneath it, but nearby injection sites will be in place as well.

He says he hasn’t heard complaints about the project near him at all, and he feels secure knowing the pipeline will be monitored.

“I’m not worried about the pipe, but there’s pipelines all across North Dakota. In the United States, there’s over several thousand miles of CO2 pipelines and other pipelines. In Mercer County, there’s a pipeline that’s been in operation with CO2 going to Canada for 20-plus years underneath Lake Sakakawea, and that’s been safe. No issues there. So, I don’t personally have a concern with it,” Kessler said.

Summit says they have even spoken with top state insurance companies to make sure landowners are good to go.

“Actually, I’ve met with the chief claims officers of several of the large insurance companies and present it to them with indemnification language and our indemnification clauses. And they have agreed with us and told us that it would not affect your standard AG farm policy,” Boeshans said.

Kessler says so far Summit Carbon Solutions has been good to work with.

During the installation, he says there will be adjustments that have to be made, such as moving cattle or even putting up a fence, and even farm-around construction.

Kessler shared that he was told the project hopes to be operational by late 2024 or early 2025.