Immigration Ban Has Travelers Concerned at the Bismarck Airport

President Donald Trump sign an executive order to banning immigration into the U.S. from seven countries.
Since Friday’s executive order protests have erupted at major U.S. international airports. 
We check in at our own so how travelers feel about the ban. 
The new immigration ban has caused some problems when traveling in and out of the country. And we were able to catch up with a few people at the Bismarck Airport to see what their opinion was.
Phillip O’Leary, a photographer from New York says, “It goes against the values of what America is. We are country that was founded by immigrants. And there’s a lot of people right now, a lot of families that aren’t together because a lot of certain family members can not get back into the country that have been working here, that have had valid green cards.”
Xavier McElrath-Bey, traveling from Chicago to Bismarck, says,”The sad reality is that, even if it’s just one family or two families or three families, there is still an inconvenience, that totally can’t travel for a period of time. Despite job obligations, despite family occasions, despite the unrest and unhappiness that can be caused.”
The Bismarck airport does not have any international flights, therefore no immigrants have been detained.
But for Phillip O’Leary his wife may cause a few concerns when she travels. 
O’Leary adds, “My wife included, she has a visa from Ireland. I don’t think this could effect her, but at the same time she is still concerned about it and she has a lot of friends that she knows that maybe in different situations.”
For Todd Wolstenholm he sees things a little differently with the immigration ban. 
“I can see where people are upset. I think it is needed. I think for too long immigration has been out of control,” says Todd Wolstenholm. 
Much like everything else, it takes time for anything to get fixed and get it done the right way. 
“You have to get things right and things under control and things made right and go from there,” says Wolstenholm.
 President Trump’s order suspends refugee admissions in the U.S. for 120 days and indefinitely bars the processing of refugees from Syria. 
The airport is currently working with TSA to process any further information in case detainment is necessary. 

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