The Dunn County Sheriff’s Department is notifying residents of a white male with brown hair impersonating law enforcement.

He is driving a white Ford Crown Victoria, and earlier today on Highway 200 in Dunn Center he tried to initiate a traffic stop by activating the car’s emergency lights, but the reporting party didn’t pull over and informed the ND State Radio.

The car has maroon and gold stripes on the side, with a roof mounted light bar and a law enforcement push style bumper, as well as dash and grille lights.

The car also doesn’t have any local law enforcement logos on it.

The Dunn County Sheriff”s Department said Ford Crown Victoria’s were once used by the department, but it currently doesn’t have one in it its fleet.

The department uses a Chevy Tahoe, Ford Interceptor, Dodge Durango, and a couple pick ups.

All of  their vehicles have logos on them with flashing blue, red and white lights.

The car in question is using all flashing blue lights.

Anyone with information should immediately notify the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office (701) 573-4449

or ND State Radio (800) 472-2121