The North Dakota Firefighter’s Association (NDFA) has recognized Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread for his work in supporting firefighting organizations around the state.

During the annual conference hosted by both the NDFA and the North Dakota Fire Chief’s Association on June 3rd in Cassleton, the commissioner spoke to attendees about how the ND Insurance Department has been supporting the state’s fire rescue programs.

“It’s truly an honor to support the firefighters in North Dakota,” said Godfread at the ceremony. “These are the men and women who sacrifice so much in order to be there in our time of need.”

One of the main ways the insurance business supports the firefighters in our state is through premium taxes — and many of these extra charges, which are based on annual premiums, membership and policy fees, go toward aiding local support structures (like fire departments).

“For some departments,” said North Dakota Fire Chief Association President and Carrington Fire Chief Ken Wangen in a press release, “that has meant being able to buy equipment to replace worn out or out of date equipment, to others it may be relief that the next pancake feed will not have to meet a specific dollar amount so all the bills can be paid, to others, it means they will have the ability to host training sessions alone or with the help of the North Dakota Firefighter Association.”

Godfread was given a commemorative fire helmet and an honorary membership from the NFDA, as well as a ceremonial plaque from the North Dakota Fire Chief’s Association.