ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Authorities on the Greek island of Crete have ordered the temporary closure of mountain gorges popular with hikers after an earthquake triggered a rockslide and seriously injured a Spanish tourist.

The closure of the Samaria gorge in southwest Crete — along with several others in the White Mountain range — was ordered Monday, a day after the region was rattled by a magnitude 4.9 quake.

The tremblor triggered the evacuation of more than 600 people Sunday along the 16-kilometer (10-mile) Samaria hiking trail.

A 45-year-old Spanish hiker was transported by helicopter to a state hospital in the port city of Chania, where he remains in critical condition after part of his right leg was amputated, doctors said.

Regional government authorities, based in Chania, were due to decide later Monday whether the closure would be extended through Wednesday, a public holiday.

Part of a nature reserve, the Samaria Gorge is open to visitors for six months annually, starting in May, and is closed during bad weather.