Internet goes crazy after Prince song used in credit card ad


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The decision to use Prince’s iconic “Let’s Go Crazy” song in a credit card commercial isn’t sitting right with many.

On Monday, Capital One unveiled a commercial promoting its “Savor Credit Card”, and used what is arguably Prince’s most popular song.

The song choice is controversial due to the fact that Prince has always been a strong advocate of music rights, and was very ruthless about limiting his music work being presented on the internet.

Some are musing that Prince would have never wanted this and that the owners of the estate are selling him out.

Preston Lopez@PrestonLopez

I am positive will never allow his music to be played over a commercial let alone a Capital One credit card one. At this point the “family” is simply just selling out for the money.


Here are some more of the reactions on Twitter.


What. The. Actual. F&ck.
I just heard “Let’s Go Crazy“ playing over a commercial for Capital One.

A credit card?!
This is what the prince family is doing?!

Not OK. Not OK at all. @prince


Yolanda Harris@yolandaharrisTV

Something tells me @prince is rolling over in his grave with @CapitalOne using his music in a commercial. What is his estate doing? Geez!


Chris Steller@chris_steller

Prince sacrilege aside, “Let’s Go Crazy” is a terrible message for a credit card commercial.


Casey Rain (aka S-Endz)@CaseyRain

Apparently “Let’s Go Crazy” is being used in a credit card advert for Capital One. I understand the need to make money, but it seems fairly obvious that wouldn’t have endorsed this. What are your thoughts, Purple Fam?

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