An organization against human trafficking raised money for survivors with a food fundraiser.

A group of advocates a part of invisible innocence are supporting survivors of human trafficking. 

“Human trafficking is all over. It is in the community of Bismarck and Mandan.I think everyone should care about it. It impacts our families, brothers, sisters, mothers and daughters. It is something in our community, therefore it is something we should care about,” said Mija Kundson-Hoge, advisor at Invisible Innocence. 

It’s a non-profit that provides resources for survivors and they raised money by hosting a food fundraiser to launch a new educational program called “Empower Hour”.

“It is a 12 week program to help survivors of human trafficking go from a survivor mode mechanism in life to a thriving mode. We are going to empower them and give them the tools to become productive parts of our community,” said Hoge.

The program will focus on nutrition, trust, self celebration and more.

Owners at Thomas and Moriarty’s also joined in on the mission to spread awareness. 

“I actually worked in anti-human trafficking for a couple years, so I know the need in North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota. As a business owner. It is our responsibility since we can help to help. Everything you do for the community, I believe you get back,” said  Stacy Sturm, co-owner of Thomas and Moriarty’s.

Invisible Innocence sold tacos at Thomas and Moriarty’s and 10 percent of the food and drink sales went towards the organization.

There was also a raffle drawling of items provided by several organizations in the Bis-Man area. 

Organizers say human trafficking happens more than you think.The human trafficking hotline reported 6 cases in 2018.

They hope to launch Empower Hour in the spring. Invisible innocence will be hosting their next event in a couple months. For more information click here