Is North Dakota a fun state? Survey says no.


Apparently, when it comes to “fun,” North Dakota falls short on the playfulness list.

Personal finance website WalletHub has released another of its numerous national surveys, this time focusing on “2018’s Most Fun States In America.”

North Dakota doesn’t make the top 35 states. We’re at 36 on the list.

Minnesota comes in at 10 and South Dakota reaches 24.

According to the survey, North Dakota has the fewest restaurants, fitness centers and marinas per capita in America,

We do, however, tie with three other states in the most spending on parks and recreation per capita.

So, what’s the “most fun” state in America? WalletHub says California tops the list.

Apparently, WalletHub and its experts missed North Dakota’s scenic byways, bison, Enchanted Highway, “world’s largest” collection of statues and other fun things to do, 

You can read the full survey report here.

And, for WalletHub, here’s a link to the North Dakota Tourism site — it’s the one with actor Josh Duhamel on the home page.

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