Is Premium Gas Better For Your Vehicle


When you pull up to the gas pump, you always have options.

According to Triple A, 1.5 million new vehicles sold in the US recommend premium gas, but do not require it.

Depending on the type of car you drive, many times it can recommend that you use premium gas but that’s only a recommendation. You can still use Unleaded and save a few dollars.

“I just use the regular unleaded because I don’t know, it’s cheaper,” said Dale Fiest, Minot Resident.

According to a study done by Triple A, premium gas is 20-25 percent more expensive than the regular.

“With premium gas you may get a little bit more bang for your buck,” said Josh Johnson, Diesel Service Advisor, Minot Automotive Center.

The extra dollars could give you extra mileage.

“You do get better gas mileage, it helps with your engine running more smoothly,” said Johnson.

Even though several cars recommend you use premium.

“It recommends it,” said Fiest.

Triple A found there isn’t a benefit to using premium in a vehicle that require regular fuel.

“For instance, my Ram 1500 recommends 89 octane, I use 87. I always have and it runs perfectly fine,” said Seth Langehaug, Care Sales Professional, Minot Automotive Center.

“I use the cheapest gas they got at the pump,” said Gary Scheig, Des Lacs Resident.

But, if you have a car that does require premium and you still choose to use regular, you could be slowly doing damage.

“The consequence with that is less gas mileage over time, you could have issues with your vehicle, you’re kind of playing a game right there,” said Johnson.

Otherwise, the choice is up to you.

“During the winter months especially if you can run premium it might be worth it,” said Johnson.

“On my pickup I can use either/or,” said Fiest.

“Fill it with what you feel comfortable with,” said Langehaug.

Tripe A found that consumers wasted nearly 2.1 billion dollars fueling vehicles with premium gas.

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