Is There A Christmas Tree Shortage In North Dakota?


Bismarck – With Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror, the Christmas holiday season is officially underway.

And next on many families to-do list is a live Christmas tree. But did you know there’s a national shortage of trees this year?

For many of you, one of the highlights of the Christmas season is finding that perfect tree…

But for some, finding that tree could be a bit more challenging this season.

That’s because the United States is facing a shortfall of those popular Furs and Frasers.

But why?

You can blame the great recession of 2008 for that. The recession caused many of the growers across the country to go out of business, resulting in fewer farms, that coupled with the fact it takes eight to 10 years to grow the average tree you decorate into your home, resulted in a perfect storm of supply issues this year.

But is North Dakota feeling the Christmas tree pinch…I went to find out.

“There’s plenty available from our suppliers, there are less growers, then there used to be and some of them got quite a bit bigger, and some of them when they went out of business, never started up again.” Said Dan Cashman, Owner Cashman Nursery and Landscaping

But not everyone is in the same boat, The Mandan Lions Club has been selling trees for decades and tell me

“We were warned already, last year after we got our trees after the word was out that there was going to be a shortage, our prices would be up, but fortunately we were able to get the same amount of trees we had last year but at a higher cost.” Said Art Owens, Former President, Mandan Lions Club

And Owens adds that unfortunately, those costs have been passed on to you…

“Well I would say, roughly a dollar a foot, which isn’t too bad but it’s still up and the wreaths that we have are up as well, a little higher” Said Owens.

Now even though North Dakota appears to have lucked out with the tree shortage, people are still expected to buy over 27-million trees this holiday season.

And Both Cashman and Owens tell me, it’s only a shortage in quantity, not quality

So if you don’t find your perfect tree right away, be patient, you’ll find it eventually.

Cashman tells us if you want your tree to last longer, make a fresh cut at the base before putting the tree in the stand.

Also, use boiling water the first time you water your tree.

He says the hot water loosens the hardened sap, opening the trees circulatory system, allowing the tree to absorb more water while filling your home with a wonderful pine scent.

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