Is Your Home Safe From Lightning?

Bismarck – When severe weather strikes…most people run to the safety of their home.

But did you know your home is full of hidden hazards during severe weather?

It’s a common misconception that during a severe storm you’re completely safe inside your home — turns out that’s far from the case

Let’s see…it’s a great day…you’re outside enjoying the weather when suddenly, dark clouds appear on the horizon and in no time at all it’s pouring and you’re running for safety inside of your home.

But for many people, they feel their home can shield them from the worst that mother nature has to offer.

One of the main things you want to do during a severe thunderstorm that involves plenty of lightning is to avoid using any electrical appliances or the telephone. In fact, most people don’t realize the consequences of when their home is struck by lightning.

“It could fry your television for example, or if you’re on your telephone, that’s also not safe, that current could travel through the lines and actually electrocute you”. Said Tyler Kranz with the National Weather Service in Bismarck.

Even the simple act of taking a shower or bath during a severe thunderstorm is dangerous…in fact, the Weather Service urges you to avoid using anything water related at all…this includes the Showers, but sinks, baths, the dishwasher and washing machine. This is because the electrical current from the strike can travel through the water and electrocute you.

They add to avoid using anything that’s considered a lightning conductor…this includes, video game consoles, even metal window or door frames can attract lightning.

The best advice is, during a severe thunderstorm, your safest option is to go to the lowest floor of your home, preferably a basement and stay away from Windows and doors until the storm has safely passed.

Homeowners are also encouraged to invest in a battery operated weather radio to avoid having to plug anything into the wall during severe weather.

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