Items You Can Bring Into The Fair

When you plan to make a trip to the fair, it’s good to know what you can and cannot bring in.

There’s a lot you can bring but you will have to get some items checked by the guard at the gate before you get in.

This is Bradley Roberts first North Dakota State Fair and he’s spending it working at the gate.

“Whoever buys a ticket from the stand we’ll just take it, scan it, put a stamp on them, and make sure that’s it’s legit,” said Bradley Roberts, Volunteer.

It’s also his job to make sure that only approved items get into the fair.

“Alright, that’s fine. Thank you very much,” said Roberts.

People are allowed to bring in bags and backpacks but they are subject to search when you arrive at the gate.

“Alright that looks good,” said Roberts.

Guests can also bring items like sunscreen and Tylenol.

“I think it’s pretty fun,” said Roberts.

You are allowed to bring a water bottle but alcohol and coolers are not allowed.

“We prefer if they’re the regular Ice Mountain ones that you have to crack open not really the ones that you can self fill yourself,” said Roberts.

Roberts says that he hasn’t had any issues with visitors but instead gets to meet a lot of excited people coming to the great North Dakota gathering.

“Go get a stamp,” said Visitor.

The stamp that you get at the gate will get you re-entry into the fair for that day only.

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