MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The man facing 21 charges for sending police on a car chase in a stolen vehicle, and almost hitting them, saw court for his sentencing hearing Thursday.

Joshua Chambers took a plea deal for some of those charges this summer, including attempted murder. But at Chambers’ hearing Thursday, the defense told the judge that the pre-sentencing investigation paperwork was filed only 13 days ago. The law requires the paperwork to be filed 14 days before sentencing.

The judge ruled to postpone the sentencing because of this violation.

Chambers is also looking to replace his attorney.

“If for some reason you don’t mesh with the next attorney, whoever that attorney may be, you don’t always get the choice to say ‘I don’t want this attorney,'” explained Judge Richard Hager. “We don’t have any issues with doing it once, maybe twice, but after that, it would be a very serious discussion as to whether or not you would have counsel. Or you’d have to represent yourself.”

Chambers will now file for a new public defender to continue on with his case.