Justice Reform Takes Center Stage At Capitol Monday

Bismarck – Today, in the legislature– Justice reform.

It was one of the hot topics… as several bills were debated in committee this morning.

One of those bills is sponsored by Senator Shannon Roers Jones.

Her legislation would reduce a felony to a misdemeanor– for those sentenced to less than a year in jail.

Would reduce a felony to a misdemeanor– after a person finishes drug court.

And, it would seal your record if you’re convicted of a misdemeanor and you complete drug court.

We talked with the bills sponsor, who tells us– it’s a great step to get peoples lives back in order.

“This is just one in a multitude of tools we’re working on to help people have the ability to get back on successful path in their life and this is also going to be a real strong incentive for people to dig in really participate in Drug court because there’s that carrot at the end of the process” Said Roers Jones.

Also discussed in committee today– a bill that would reduce sentencing if a person performs certain education programs and has good behavior.

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