K-9 officers’ job duties are changing


With medicinal marijuana soon to be available and recreational marijuana making it’s way on to the November ballot.
Police officers jobs are changing as the drug becomes legal. 
K-9 officers are trained to smell out a slew of drugs but, marijuana is being removed from the list.
This week, Bismarck K-9 handlers were trained by a Colorado tactical operations trainer to learn how their state has handled the legalization changes.
Colorado officers say they no longer train their dogs to detect marijuana because it’s much easier to add an odor to a dogs training than remove one.
Brian Kelly; K-9 Trainer in Colorado Springs: “Any dog that we’re getting in new, obviously we’re not putting the odor on them. As we recycle dogs through, we’re not putting the odor on them.”
The K-9 training will continue tomorrow, with the Iron Dog Challenge.
The event is open to the public, for those interested is seeing what it takes to train police dogs.

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