K9 Officers Show Off in Fundraiser Competition

Following a week long training, K-9 officers throughout the state participated in a fundraising competition.

Four dogs and their handlers competed in various obstacles, ranging from obeying simple commands to attacking suspects. There was a big community tun-out to the event that donated to the fundraiser through a raffle and T-shirt sales. Stutsman County Sheriff Deputy Matthew Thom and his 4-year-old partner Dreamos took first place.

“We work on this stuff quite a bit, and this is huge for me. He’s a young dog. He’s got a lot of career life left, so to come out and win something like this with as young as he is, it’s a pretty big deal to me,” said Thom.

Temperatures were nearly in the 90s for today’s competition. The dogs are trained not to quit unless told by their handler. So, the officers take special precautions to make sure their partners are as safe as possible in the heat.

Thom explained, “Every time that we break the dog, put the dog back in the car, we make sure he’s got water, make sure the air conditioning is working. I actually have a sensor that I carry with me that tells me the temperature internally of my vehicle so I know if it’s getting too warm for him in there.”

All of the proceeds made from the fundraiser goes to the Midwestern region of the National Police Canine Association. It’s to help fund more K9 trainings throughout the year.

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