K9 units have fun in the sun during training exercise

It wasn’t that hot of a day in Dickinson, ND on Monday, but some local law enforcement agencies still gathered at the pool with their K9s.

The Dickinson Police Department hosted a K9  water apprehension exercise at the public pool at the West River Community Center, with K9 units from the Belfield and Bismarck Police Departments.

“Here at the pool. . . . There isn’t the potential for the dogs getting hurt, or ingesting some bad water. . . blue green algae,” said Sgt. Corey Lee, who run the K9 unit at the Dickinson Police Department.

Lee said in the Stark County area law enforcement has to deal with Patterson Lake and the Heart River, and “never know when we are going to come across a water situation”.

During the exercise the dogs were put in water scenarios where their feet weren’t touching the ground, going under water, with the goal of seeing if they could hold their bite through a water apprehension. 

“Its’ good to know . . . We can deploy the dog into the water knowing that they can apprehend the guy if need be, ” said Officer Jayden Peters, Dickinson Police Department.

Peters said  he’s never had to use his K9 for a water apprehension, but it’s always good to be prepared.

“It’s one of those things where you train for the worst and hope for the best”.

Lee said this is only the second time the department has held a water apprehension exercise,  and he would like to start doing them twice a year, but jokingly said he doesn’t plan on holding one in the wintertime.

“Absolutely not. . .  absolutely not.”


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