“The beauty. And the, just the enjoyment, the relaxation. The reason why I got into this is because I wanted everyone to enjoy what I enjoy and how I felt about it.” said Sandy McKay, Owner of Missouri River Kayak Rentals.

Sandy McKay wants people to see North Dakota from a different perspective.

“North Dakota is beautiful. And the river is amazing. And so is our lakes.” said McKay.
It all started with two kayaks.

“Not quite sure why I bought two, because I figured my husband wouldn’t go with me because he was such a big fisherman. And it turned out that he actually went kayaking, that year, more than he went fishing that year.” said McKay.

Now she owns Missouri River Kayak Rentals, and enough kayaks for fifty people to use at one time.

“I have kayakers go out, and when they come back in it’s -just with a couple, or with a family when they come back in and they’re ready to go again. And it was the first time they’ve gone and the excitement in their voice.” said McKay.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time rider.

“The river is intimidating because it’s cold and it’s fast. But I always say: if you can ride bike and float on an inner tube, you’re going to be just fine.” said McKay.

It’s an activity anyone can do.

“Just come along and enjoy it. It’s -it’s gorgeous. It is. Absolutely gorgeous. You’ll have a great time.” said McKay.

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