Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

Using the internet comes with risks if you’re not careful. Our Malique Rankin shows us how our local schools are doing it’s part to keep kids ahead of the problem.

Bismarck Public Schools is teaching its students internet safety early on.
5th graders take a class to help them learn what information is appropriate to share online.

Stacey Olson is the Library Media Specialist at Murphy Elementary

Stacey Olson: “They’re using social media apps that are not meant for kids their age. They have the misconception that while they’re using apps, it’s different than being online. But Understanding it’s all online and have the potential of sharing information.”

The students spent their class time finding out how much information can be given in a single post.
Olson says she explains it in ways her students can understand.

Stacey Olson: “You wouldn’t go out and shout your information to a stranger on the street, you wouldn’t go up to them and say, do you want to know what my name is who I am where to find me. The same thing goes for when you’re online.”

And the parents are glad it’s become a part of the curriculum. 

Jarod Obering; Parent: “If you can teach them how to use Google or YouTube as a resource as it’s meant to be, as a tool, I think it’s a great thing. But they have to make that connection with curiosity and use it that way.”

Here’s what you can do to help protect your children:
Approve every app on your kid’s phone, take the time to check privacy settings, start a conversation with your kids about phone use, apps, and social media, and find out what is popular in your region, because different apps catch on in different locations.

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