Keeping your pets safe this summer

They are our best friends, companions and much more. 

“It’s like their your family you know —it’s like they’re your kids,” said pet owner Bob Mintie.

that’s why this summer there’s a few things you should remember when it comes to your pets. 

“Think before you go when it’s hot and humid,” said veterinarian Louis Pinkerton.

Both cats and dogs have the potential to suffer heat stroke — but the risk is even greater for dogs. 

“As soon as you notice the dog is breathing hard the tongue is hanging out and it’s bright red then you want to get the dog wet,” said Pinkerton.

Nathalie Gomez reporting: “One way to determine if your pet might be dehydrated is by looking at their nose and their gums if they’re dry it means they need some water”. 

“Just pay attention to your dog and you should be able to figure it out,”said pet owner Josh Hogan. 

the same goes for your feline friends. 

“What you probably do see in the summer is when the cats will be out and about more and they get into cat fights,” said Pinkerton.

Another tip for dog owners is to watch for ….

“Asphalt is hot if the dog has been running and runs on hot asphalt– you know what our feet would like if we walked on hot asphalt,” said Pinkerton.

When playing a game of fetch make sure to take some breaks. 

“these two like to grab balls quite a bit so I give them breaks in between so they don’t over do it,” said Mintie. 

If you’re out by the lake be  mindful of what’s in the water. 

“The scary part is blue green algae,” said Pinkerton.  

Which can be highly toxic for both pets and humans. 

It’s all about preventative measures. 

“What’s good for people is good for dogs and cats,”said Pinkerton.

So make sure your thinking about them just like you would for yourself. 

Dr.Pinkerton says the key thing is to supply your pets with plenty of drinking water and keep up with veterinarian visits.

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