The Lignite Energy Council had quite the keynote speaker for their annual meeting. Tomi Lahren —  a South Dakotan and the youngest political talk show host in history took to the stage to talk about the forgotten Americans and the importance of North Dakota’s coal industry. 

Our Malique Rankin attended the speech to see what about Tomi Lahren’s words that brought in such a large crowd. If you’ve ever watched Tomi Lahren on tv or social media, you know she’s not one to hold back. Well her visit to our state was no exception.

Tomi Lahren’s speech at the annual Lignite Energy Council meeting included jabs at the Obama Administration, Nancy Pelosi, as well as Hillary Clinton.

Tomi Lahren: “Coal actually is, it’s just ancient wood that’s been under pressure for millions of years. Just like Hillary Clinton. MILLIONS of years.”

Jokes aside, Lahren emphasized the importance and necessity for what our state does.

Tomi Lahren: “Im sorry guys but you can’t power your lives on feelings and fairy dust. As much as you believe so. I see it in LA all the time. People that are driving their cars, powering their GIANT homes, they think they don’t understand that comes from somewhere. Fossil fuels are God’s gift to this nation. We should use it to it’s fullest extent because that’s how we become energy independent.”

As for those in attendance.. they were glad to hear their views given a voice.

Paul Quist; Manager of Business Development for BNI Energy: “They want to be heard, they want to family values and don’t necessarily prescribe to what’s going on in the rest of the United States. But people like to hear what they believe in.”

Tomi Lahren:”But when we say things like, ‘make America great again,’ it means American energy independence. It means jobs for oil, coal, steel, and factory workers. Our president has done many things to insure your livelihood are protected.

Not everyone is a fan of Lahren, but for those in this room, they were all on the same page.

Paul Quist; Manager of Business Development for BNI Energy: “If you’re getting ridiculed, you’re probably doing the right thing or at least making people think about what is the right thing.”

Lahren ended with a panel, taking questions from the audience.

Lahren said she hopes to visit soon again.. but when the weather is warmer!
Senator John Hoeven will participate in a panel at Lignite Energy Council’s annual meeting — that continues Thursday.