Kids Create Their Own Technology


Technology seems to be all around us with phones, computers, and tablets.

Before those gadgets land in your hands, someone took the time to piece it all together. 

Alexus Arthur introduces us to some students interested in becoming technology innovators. 

Many of us can’t imagine living without our technology.”

“I don’t know how you stop the growth of technology, I really don’t.” said David Hehman, STEM Engineering Instructor.

But how does someone make it?

“It really starts with taking a bunch of parts and putting them together and making something out of just next to nothing.” said Hehman.

Anyone can learn how to put the puzzle pieces together.

“People have an innate desire to make something with their hands and feel that sense of accomplishment.” said Hehman.

Now the kids are making products that many of us use.

“I just wanted to come to see like how it all works and just for fun.” said Carissa Birie, 13 Years Old.

“That looks good. You got yours too, okay and you’re working on yours, yours is good.” said Hehman.

They are building a wireless blue tooth speaker that connects to their cell phones.

“I thought it would be kind of cool to make a speaker.” said Jordan Larson, 14 Years Old.

It will come with it’s challenges.

“I want you guys to get your circuit to work like this.” said Hehman.

“This is hard.” said Larson and Birie.

What they build today, they’ll be able to use in the future.

“Once you get something done once then you have a little bit more confidence to tackle another project.” said Hehman.

One day… They might be making the newest technology gadget. In Stanley, Alexus Arthur, KX News.

In August, a drone camp for kids will be in Tioga on August 5th and 6th

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